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  • Mysterious death has local link... more
  • Police Search for Missing Man... more
  • Video Provides Clue... more
  • Body Found in East Lister... more
  • Rabies outbreak has villagers worried... more
  • Books available for KINDLE readers ... more

Mysterious Death has Local Link

A mysterious death in a nearby city could have a tie to Plattsford. A Toronto resident was recently found dead in a backstreet alley in Cambridge, and the police description matches that of a man seen in this area last week. Several witnesses claim the man was seeking the whereabouts of violinist Tony...

Police Searching for
Missing Man

Police are searching for a Guelph area man who failed to return from a weekend of snowmobiling in the area. Twenty-eight-year-old Gavin Richardson was last reported staying at a local hotel while he rode the local trails…

Clue in Video?

Plattsford Police are studying a video found online in hopes that it can provide clues to a recent poisoning incident at the St. Peter's Church Canning Circle. The mishap could be the result of a personal vendetta,
but other sources link the incident
to the disappearance of a local
man forty years ago.
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Body found in
East Lister

The body of an East Lister resident was discovered late Thursday night at the site of the future East Lister Industrial Park. Police have identified the body as that of Clarence McKee, owner of McKee Excavating and a local township politician.

McKee’s body was discovered shortly before (See RURAL SPRAWL )

Rabies outbreak has villagers worried
Health officials are warning Ramsbottom Township residents of a current rabies outbreak in the area following two confirmed cases.

Last week an elderly resident was found dead in his home outside the village of North Andover. Officials suspect he may have been in contact (see DOG IN A MANGER)

Author’s books available on KINDLE

“I'm so glad to have my mysteries listed on Amazon once more,” says author A.R. Grobbo in a recent interview.

Grobbo’s four mysteries are formatted for Amazon’s new “Kindle” ebook reader as well as several other e-book formats from her publisher, Double Dragon Publishing and in trade paperback from

Crime Writers Canada
 Disaster in Plattsford Arena

Hundreds escaped serious injury as the roof of Plattsford’s Arena collapsed last week during the annual Silver Blade PeeWee Hockey tournament.

Police have confirmed one death at the arena.

Thanks to an alert parent and a quick-thinking assistant manager, tournament participants and spectators were evacuated just moments before the north-side roof gave way under an intolerable weight of snow and ice.

Most of the building’s occupants were unaware of any problems until the fire alarm sounded. Nearly all escaped, but one casualty, a woman who was not a part of the tournament’s entourage, was found dead. Her body was removed from the building wreckage following…

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A.R. Grobbo
 Mysterious Pursuits!

Picture yourself living in an old, rented farmhouse in the heart of southwestern Ontario’s cornbelt. Take a whiff of the old, worn-out septic bed. Imagine that the only person qualified to fix the problem has just been murdered….

Welcome to the imaginary world of The Gloria Trevisi Mysteries, published in e-book and trade paperback by Double Dragon Publishing. The series features Gloria Trevisi, a small rural newspaper editor whose relentless pursuit of a story often lands her in trouble. These books are strictly fiction, and fun, a series of cozy mysteries that you won’t be afraid to read at bedtime.
The Plattsford Sun is the newspaper serving the imaginary rural town and its surrounding townships and villages.

Ann Grobbo

In this issue you can learn about the “town” and its inhabitants, check out excerpts from the books, look up some reviews, and get to know a little about the author. The Classifieds will take you to a number of interesting places where reading is fun.
Enjoy a taste of the country life in a tight rural community; but remember that farming is king, and gossip the best way to get all the news. So browse and enjoy. I hope you will get to know the characters and soon make some fast friends in Plattsford!

--A.R. Grobbo, Author

About The Author

Yes, there are a few things about me that I don’t mind telling the world… such as how I know about moving pianos, keeping bees, and the life of a small newspaper editor in a close rural community.

Growing Up

When I was twelve, my mother and step-father moved our blended family from the suburbs of Montreal, Quebec to the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario. After daydreaming through two years of Grade Nine (almost shuffled into a class for slow learners) I wound up in a convent school. The Felician Sisters saved my life. Later I graduated, with honours, from a local community college with a diploma in Community Journalism.

The next twelve years were spent working on suburban weekly newspapers in the Toronto area as a news reporter and community editor. Three major burnouts forced me to retire young. Newspapers gave me some basic skills, but the finer points of this trade I learned during my three years as a promotions writer with Stelco Inc. Also, I discovered that university courses, unlike high school, could be interesting and enjoyable. I began working on a degree in English and Music, which I vow someday to finish, perhaps when I can get the seniors’ rate.

Music? Well, I began piano lessons when I was about seven, and practised on a decrepit old upright piano located in the basement of our very small house in Beaurepaire. By nine I was actually showing some promise, so my mother bought me a new piano. I’ve dragged it with me through at least ten moves throughout southern Ontario. I teach piano to earn money, and also to mentor kids. With no children of our own, I’ve taken to mentoring as the best way I can be involved with the next generation. My husband, also, has offered guidance to hundreds of teenagers as an officer in the Cadet Instructor Cadre of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets.

Beekeeping is a generational thing; I am the third generation of beekeepers in our family.

I haven’t yet mentioned horses. As I child, I dreamed of having a horse. Trinket, my palomino mare, was a gift from my step-father when I was in my late twenties. She passed away a few years ago at the ripe age of thirty-one, and is buried in my back yard.


About My Books

In 1992 I joined with two other writers, children’s author lian goodall and recently-published poet Sheila O’Hearn, in a trio of mutual support for our creative writing. Without encouragement from these two fabulous women, I never would have had the courage to write a novel, let alone a series.

In Gloria Trevisi I created a “daughter” who shares my love of music and writing with my husband’s strong Italian work ethic and faith. Some people claim she is "me", but I know she is much, much smarter and certainly saner!

I wanted to produce something that wouldn’t embarrass a mom who found her thirteen-year-old daughter perusing her bookshelf. I think a young adult reader would get a kick out of this series.

Yes, I am proud of my work, and I’m forever thankful to Laura and Deron, the publishers who have accepted and nurtured it. I am also thankful to the publishers who rejected it. There’s nothing like a glimpse of thirty-odd rejections to keep a writer humble!

About Living

I once did the math and estimated that I had changed my place of residence at least once every two years from the time I was nine, the year of my parents’ marriage break-up. Moving was a way of life; I was becoming a wanderer! I decided the next move would be the last, for awhile. I settled here, in this gorgeous century home, and here I have stayed for more than twenty years.

As luck would have it, I live in a beautiful part of southwestern Ontario in one of the best countries in the world. I enjoy this agricultural heartland with my hardworking husband John, my Aussie Shepherd Luke, various cats, my beehives, piano students and mystery plots. Life is good.